Not only does SYNKROS capture a wealth of statistics about your gaming operations and patrons, it gives you the power to use them. SYNKROS Business Intelligence offers a complete set of business intelligence tools that provide detailed reports and visual analytics to better serve your ongoing analysis of your entire enterprise. SYNKROS Business Intelligence provides a true 360-degree view of your patrons and your business. The end result – the ability to make informed business decisions that directly impact your revenue, operational efficiencies and customers’ experiences.


Because “what gets measured gets managed,” SYNKROS offers a robust set of reporting tools that allow you to measure your business performance with reports presenting information the way you like to see it.

  • Single enterprise repository

  • Full access to published data dictionary

  • Game and denom-level granularity

  • Easy to customize ad-hoc reporting

  • Lifetime data availability

  • Schedule and e-mail dashboard reports

There are three primary reporting tools to help you manage your business:


  • Single patron, device, employee, transaction, event

  • Integrated into each SYNKROS form

  • Real-time data availability

  • CSV and PDF Export


  • Predefined reports by business area

  • Preview, print, CSV and PDF Export


  • Customized queries and reports

  • Auto export reports to excel

  • Access to live and summary tables

  • Schedule and automate report generation

  • Use customized sort options

  • Use formulas or SQL functions

  • Drill-through capabilities

  • Reporting Wizard

  • Highlight Exception Reporting

Reporting Reporting
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