Not only does SYNKROS capture a wealth of statistics about your gaming operations and patrons, it gives you the power to use them. SYNKROS Business Intelligence offers a complete set of business intelligence tools that provide detailed reports and visual analytics to better serve your ongoing analysis of your entire enterprise. SYNKROS Business Intelligence provides a true 360-degree view of your patrons and your business. The end result – the ability to make informed business decisions that directly impact your revenue, operational efficiencies and customers’ experiences.

The gaming industry continues to become more competitive and operators cannot afford to wait in constructing their analysis. Agility, knowledge, and reaction time are critical factors in gaming operations today. In this climate, you need SYNKROS Dashboards™, a powerful and easy-to-use Business Intelligence suite that leverages SYNKROS™ data to create meaningful operational insights for the casino operator.

Developed seamlessly for the SYNKROS systems environment, our dashboards are capable of interpreting structured SYNKROS data to help identify patterns and trends across your business. Designed by operators for operators, SYNKROS Dashboards provide accurate and actionable data-points on which to build your business strategies.

SYNKROS Dashboards’ intuitive design gives you analytical independence to leverage all performance measures to the fullest. Our dashboards provide intimate data revelation with easy point-and-click drill down capability for dynamic views and insights. Unlock the value in your data and gain a deeper understanding of your efforts across all areas related to slots/table games operations, CRM, promotions, and events.

  • Features
  • Intuitive design with one touch user controls

    SYNKROS Dashboards improves the efficiency and accuracy of data mining activities by providing standardized visualization dashboards for all major casino operating departments.

  • Actionable insights into all aspects of player activity

    Player dashboards target rated and unrated player summary to provide a high level view of your player database using selectable time frames and ability to drill down into detailed player data, as well as one touch filters such as Average Daily Theo (ADT), Gender, Frequency, Geographic Location, etc. SYNKROS dashboards are also configured to display your Key Performance Indicators for Patron Count, Days per Play, Theoretical Win, and ADT.

  • Detailed slot analysis

    Access a full suite of Slot Performance and Analysis dashboards that require no manual manipulation of data to get a clear picture of slot performance by manufacturer, type, participation, zone, bank, denomination, etc.

  • Complete promotional and event analysis

    Marketing dashboards provide detail regarding the performance of promotions and the associated costs to better determine the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Dashboards look at all individual awards and how they drive player on the day of redemption. You can even jump to a specific player and look into their detailed activity and behavioral trends.

  • Cage and credit operations

    Take a detailed look at debits and credits in the cage by focusing on transactions and what key players are cashing out, for example.

  • Fast integration and quick response

    Implementation is simple with the installation of a SYNKROS Dashboard server which is pointed to an html web browser application. Dashboards are built to integrate seamlessly to your existing SYNKROS database tables.

  • Analytic independence with limited training

    All SYNKROS Dashboards load property data immediately and precisely with no need to manipulate the data manually to gain actionable insights into your operations. Each dashboard can be exported to pdf or excel format.

Player acquisition dashboard

Helps operators understand the dynamics and composition of their player database, with advanced varieties of detail.

Player acquisition dashboard


This dashboard gives insights into the players club segmented by tier and key performance indicators. You can understand the breakdown of the player based by Average Daily Theo breaks, Gender, Age and Frequency.



This dashboard identifies important trend analysis for EGM KPI’s. It gives the ability to apply over 15 filters to include manufacturer, hit frequency, denomination, device type, age of machine, and more.  Jump to detail on performance to understand the “outlier” influence as well as the ability to jump to “player” for insight on who is playing the outlier games.

Player acquisition dashboard


This dashboard looks at the performance of a particular slot bank of machines and its performance over time in a summary and detail for the machines installed on the bank.  For multi-game machines, you are able to see which game themes are in each machine.

Player acquisition dashboard
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