With its suite of powerful marketing, communication and tracking tools, SYNKROS not only gives you the ability to control your market, but also gives you the power to expand it. Increase time-on-device, average daily theoretical and revenues with a fully integrated touch point marketing program that offers: True-Time Bonusing Tool Kit, True-Time Player Communications, True-Time Patron Management.

Konetic Mobile™

Connect your guests and employees to the info they need, when they need it most.

Now you can make every visit more enjoyable for guests, more productive for employees and more profitable for you with the SYNKROS Konetic Mobile Player Interface and Employee App.

Employee App™

Capture every opportunity by putting your casino into the palms of your employees’ hands.

Harness the power of SYNKROS Konetic Mobile Employee App to create increased employee efficiency and immediate, data-powered customer relations. Enable real-time wireless interaction at the individual customer level. Untether your employees from their desks by making the information available on the floor as open as SYNKROS itself. Guests in this day and age expect that information should be accessible quickly and easily through a variety of handheld devices. The Konetic Mobile Employee App meets those expectations by putting the right data into the hands of the right employees and at the right time to make an impact with your guests.

 Emplyee app

Slot Dispatching with Konetic Mobile Employee App allows slot floor personnel to manage and address online systems alerts through their mobile device, either automatically through the applications' Auto Assign feature, or manually through a dispatch workstation. Configure EGM or SYNKROS transactions to automatically generate service calls instantly and directly to handheld Android or iOS devices.

  • Slot Dispatching

  • Sign-up Players Club members

  • Award free play to player accounts

  • Manage Cashless Wagering in real time

  • Monitor table ratings

  • Issue comps or make points adjustments

  • Access machine data via an easy-to-read dashboard

  • Validate and redeem TITO tickets

  • Manage the valet process

  • Locate patrons

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