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Konami’s SYNKROS Awarded Dual Honors in the 13th Annual Gaming & Technology Awards

Las Vegas, NV — November 6, 2014

Konami Gaming, Inc., a global leader in casino gaming and systems, received first place honors in two categories of the 2015 Global Gaming Business (GGB) Gaming & Technology Awards for new features available through its SYNKROS™ casino management system. SYNKROS Promotional Printing™ was named Best Consumer Service Technology for providing operators with the ability to print offers, coupons, loyalty vouchers, and more from SYNKROS through the second port of a slot machine’s ticket printer without any additional hardware or wiring on the casino floor. SYNKROS InfoSYNK™ was awarded Best Productivity Enhancement Technology for providing casinos the visibility to monitor performance and configuration of system components throughout its technology stack and infrastructure via a web-based monitoring tool.

“These top honors for SYNKROS continue to signify to the industry that Konami is consistently introducing the latest features and enhancement available for casino enterprise management systems,” said Michael Ratner, director product management, systems at Konami. “It’s all because we take the time to listen to our customers and turn their feedback into action, which the power and agility of the SYNKROS architecture allows us to do.”

Traditionally, any ticket printed from a slot machine has been for the purpose of retrieving winnings through a convenient Ticket In Ticket Out (TITO) ticket but newer-generation ticket printers come equipped with a second on-board printing port that KONAMI’s SYNKROS technology uses to send print commands. Using predefined print templates, SYNKROS’ award-winning Promotional Printing can be used to print tickets, coupons, vouchers, and receipts outside traditional TITO functions. In addition, True-Time Windowing™-enabled video slot machines (picture-in-picture) can use this feature in conjunction with True-Time Web Services™ to launch loyalty program kiosk features on the primary game screen so guests can view, play, and print out special offers and promotions directly from video slots.

“This new technology challenges standing perceptions of slot machines by delivering a wealth of patron account services and benefits to any enabled game on the floor for greater customer convenience, operational efficiency, game performance, and marketing participation,” said Ratner. “And for casino guests, it provides an enhanced gaming experience by allowing them to redeem offers directly from any equipped slot.”

Receiving first place honors as Best Productivity Enhancement Technology, Konami’s new InfoSYNK allows users to monitor all components of the SYNKROS application, based on custom-defined performance indices. These components include, but are not limited to: middleware components used to manage SYNKROS’ Synk Box in-machine hardware, the database, and the SYNKROS system itself. InfoSYNK harnesses a wealth of data to deliver active monitoring, historical trending, and email-based alerting, and uses Oracle APEX architecture that is fully embedded in the Oracle database and requires no additional hardware.

“The power of InfoSYNK encompasses the entirety of the SYNKROS environment, equipping IT staff with all the necessary tools to easily and instantly recognize inconsistent trends in system or network activity,” said Ratner. “This method of early detection directly translates to quicker response, faster recovery, and even complete prevention of potential problems before they happen.”

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