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Konami Gaming, Inc. readies for windowing: Adopts solution promoting GSA standard

Las Vegas, NV — May 3, 2012

Konami Gaming, Inc., a leading gaming technology provider, is partneringwith International Gaming Technology, Inc. (IGT) to provide a solution based onproven GSA standards for windowing technology, announced Steve Sutherland,Chief Operating Officer at Konami Gaming, Inc. The ultimate objective of thismove by Konami is to provide customers with what they have requested – broaderaccess to gaming machine windowing via a protocol for windowing that is in-linewith GSA and the standards that have already been adopted by the industry.Sutherland further explained that, “Konami is committed to providing the mostentertaining experience possible for casino guests. We are Born From Fun® andthe addition of this new technology is just another demonstration of Konami’scommitment.”

According to Thomas Soukup, Vice President Research and Development for Systemsat Konami Gaming, Inc., “Providing guests with an interactive experience in theprimary game machine window rather than the smaller, embedded True-Time LCDscreens offers an enhanced gaming experience for the guest, whether it takesthe form of bonus games, loyalty account access, tournament play, or simplyordering a beverage.” For this reason, he believes that we will continue to seenew bonusing applications and community style events that can be deployed ontothe main game screen, either while the gaming machine is in play or bycompletely taking over the primary game screen for short periods of time.

This new development will allow Konami Casino Management System (KCMS)customers to make windowing functionality available on new and existing K2V andKP3 platforms from Konami, as well as most of IGT’s legacy Game King and latestAVP platforms including the popular Universal Slant and G23 video cabinets. Asadditional manufacturers adopt IGT’s UGA methodology, windowing will becomeavailable on their platforms as well.

Soukup added, “For KCMS customers who wish to use gaming machine windowing onKonami and IGT gaming machines, Konami plans to duplicate its current portfolioof Bonusing and Player Messaging to the gaming machine window (via the UGA) andalso introduce other products such as new bonusing applications and serviceenhancements for both the embedded True-Time LCD and gaming machine window.”

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About Konami Gaming, Inc.

Konami Gaming, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based subsidiary of KONAMICORPORATION (NYSE: KNM). The company is a leading designer and manufacturer ofslot machines and casino management systems for the global gaming market. Formore information about Konami Gaming, Inc., please visit

About the Konami Casino Management System (KCMS)

KCMS is an industry-leading casino management system with an increasingnumber of installations spanning America, Canada, and Australia, as well asother international regions. KCMS is best known for its advanced capabilities,such as its real-time TCP/IP-based technology, multi-channel in-machinestreaming video, powerful rules-based Bonusing engine, true multi-game,multi-denomination analytics at both the device and patron level, anddocumented high reliability. These features combine to enable operators toeffectively manage and analyze their gaming operations, implement innovativemarketing campaigns, and drive their business forward.

About IGT

International Game Technology (NYSE: IGT) is a global leader in thedesign, development and manufacture of gaming machines and systems products, aswell as online and mobile gaming solutions for regulated markets. Moreinformation about IGT is available at or follow IGT on Twitter at@IGTNews or Facebook at

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