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Konami Casino Management System unleashes annual upgrades

Las Vegas, NV — March 26,2012

Konami Gaming, Inc., a leading gaming technology provider, is upgradingapproximately 70 casinos currently running Konami Casino Management System(KCMS) to KCMS v3.20, announced Thomas Soukup, Vice President Research andDevelopment for Systems at Konami Gaming, Inc.

KCMS v3.20 was developed within the past year and will be provided to theapproximately 70 KCMS customers for free under Konami’s maintenance agreement.Konami’s goal with the yearly upgrades is to ensure their customers areprovided with the most up-to-date technology and product enhancements in themost cost-effective manner to keep KCMS users leading the competition.

According to Soukup, “As with previous upgrades, the KCMS v3.20 upgrade can beperformed remotely through a secure, encrypted casino/jurisdiction controlledVPN connection with ease due to the KCMS centralized database architecturewhich facilitates upgrading all modules – table games, slots, TITO, patrontracking, interfaces, everything – all at once. This remote upgrade/downloadtechnology developed by Konami combined with a centralized database shared byall modules, leads to a seamless upgrade process. In fact, most upgrades arebeing completed in a little over an hour.

“KCMS v3.20 offers Konami’s most current gaming system technology, whichpromises to entertain, engage and track players like never before, helpingcasinos using KCMS to surpass their competition.”

KCMS v3.20 was developed with feedback from the entire KCMS customer base andincorporates a new “Microsoft Windows-like” look and feel graphical userinterface (GUI). The new GUI features include ease-of-use enhancements such asa status bar that highlights errors and status messages, allowing the KCMS userto easily identify when a field or entry requires attention. The upgrades alsoinclude a system-wide search option, giving the user the ability to searchthroughout all the available forms and reports.

For table games, KCMS v3.20 now provides features such as more accurate,real-time tracking of players based on behaviors such as skill, game speed andplay percentage.

KCMS v3.20 also offers a new incentive promotion called Random Free Play wheremarketing can choose the minimum, maximum and average award amounts that aretransferable to the player. Marketing teams can entertain, engage, and provideincentives to players as the Random Free Play is delivered through BonuStream™,interactive displays of the bonus celebration played directly on the playerservice window (LCD). The BonuStream™ mini-games are played at the machineswhen the player achieves pre-determined targeted incentive criteria.

KCMS v3.20 also includes a form that allows marketers to queue messages on theplayer service window (LCD) to a single player or specific group, enabling theuser to send messages such as notifying a specific player that their reservationis ready or a group of players that their bus will leave in 15 minutes. Theplayer messages are alphanumeric up to 104 characters and can display for up tothree minutes.

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About Konami Gaming, Inc.

Konami Gaming, Inc. is a Las Vegas-based subsidiary of KONAMICORPORATION (NYSE: KNM). The company is a leading provider of slot machines andcasino management systems for the global gaming market. For more informationabout Konami Gaming, Inc., please visit

About the Konami Casino Management System (KCMS)

KCMS is an industry-leading casino management system with an increasingnumber of installations spanning America, Canada, and Australia, as well asother international regions. KCMS is best known for its advanced capabilities,such as its real-time TCP/IP-based technology, multi-channel in-machinestreaming video, powerful rules-based Bonusing engine, true multi-game,multi-denomination analytics at both the device and patron level, anddocumented high reliability. These features combine to enable operators toeffectively manage and analyze their gaming operations, implement innovativemarketing campaigns, and drive their business forward.

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