Synk Box

Synk Box

Get your slot machines, operations, and players' expectations in synk with the new Synk Box from KONAMI. Available only with the SYNKROS gaming enterprise management system, this powerful box allows you to connect, capture and control your slot business and revenue like no other device in the industry.

  • Runs an embedded open source Linux OS

  • Single hardware unit combines player tracking and slot monitoring

  • Single hardware unit support multiple protocols, that is, multiple versions of SAS, G2S, X-Series, QCOM

  • Completely downloadable - new versions of SYNKROS can be flashed to the units:  typically 2,000 units in approximately 20 minutes

  • Player Tracking marketing media completely downloadable. For example, new BonuStream games, new Super Series games, and marketing animated gifs

  • Player Tracking streaming video –supports 4 channels of live streaming video - synchronized across the floor



SYNKROS, inspired by some of the best practices found in other industries’ enterprise management solutions, was built largely from the ground up in a way that questioned gaming industry norms and focused on operators’ needs. In an industry where failure rates continue to be too high and adoption of cutting edge database technology too low, SYNKROS was designed so that casino operators would not have to utter the dreaded words, “I’m sorry, but our system is down,” to customers in increasingly competitive markets. The SYNKROS infrastructure, one more typically seen in the financial sector, utilizes the strength of an Oracle database, TCP/IP-based networks and Java development tools. As a result, KONAMI’s system has been celebrated for its unparalleled reliability.

Synk box
  • Real-time and multi-site relational database

  • Features multi-channel streaming video throughout the True Time Player Communication Network

  • Since 1998, Konami’s System has supported a fully-TCP/IP Based network floor

  • Lifetime data availability

  • Computer industry best-of-breed n-tier architecture

The overall design is to guarantee maximum uptime. For the majority of our competition, their systems are integrated amongst various modules, whereas with SYNKROS, it’s one. It’s one database. And it doesn’t break.

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